Vogue addicted?

Vogue Paris August 2006
Model: Carmen Kass
Fotograf: Terry Richardson

Vogue Paris dec – ian 05/06
Model: Freja Beha

Vogue UK Mai 2004
Model: Gemma Ward

Vogue Aprilie 2007

Fotograf: Lachlan Bailey

Fashion editor: Charlotte Stockdale

Sursa foto: http://www.flickr.com

~ by fotografiedemoda on September 5, 2008.

One Response to “Vogue addicted?”

  1. Hi, I’m a Vogue addict I am writing you because I just found your blog and thought you might be interested by this website I discovered;
    It’s called Adikt2. It allows you to choose the things, people or brands your are addicted to and to get info about about it from other fans and the brands themselves that you can also share on you blog.
    If you have time to look at it, I sure you will be addicted to it 😉
    See you there!

    Beauty Addict Diary

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