Annie Leibovitz’s fairytales


~ by fotografiedemoda on January 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Annie Leibovitz’s fairytales”

  1. is there anyway to get a print of any of these pictures i’d love to have a couple of them

  2. i just did a big paper about Annie and i wanted to say i love ur work ! ur pix are amazing and breath taking ❤ love them i had to get in front of my whole class and talk about u and ur back round lol

  3. Hey Annie!!!!!!!
    huge fan of u work!
    With you being a photographer and having the skill to find and shoot a perfect picture..
    Im tryin to be a photographer myself, like you exactly.
    I was wondering if you had any tips or advice on how to be a professional in celebrity photographer.
    thank you very much
    hope to hear from u soon
    lydia Dawson

  4. Let me say i was searching for a photographer to do my powerpoint on for photo class on when i came across your work. I’m very amazed with the beautiful work you do. Your photo’s have actually made me want to continue in this class whn i was ready to drop it. Thanks for you inspiration!!!!!

  5. Please can someone let me know where I could get usage for the Roger Federer King Arthur ahot by Annie Leibovitz, we want to use the background in a campaign.

  6. I think these photos are beautiful. She is is creative with the choices of actors and singers to use for these photos.

  7. et si, dans le plus grand de mes rêves, je partageais, avec vous, quelques mois de travail…. le portrait est dans mes veines, mais je suis lasse et sans envies.. besoin, d’un breack, et d’une excitation nouvelle. Impossible à imaginer que vous me tendrez la pourtant, je vous écrit par défi et..culot!! à bientôt… merci pour vos oeuvres merveilleuses.

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